Poco's Biography (Written By Poco)

I came from Mew Hamshire and enjoyed a life with a lot of kittehs until my mommy came and picked me up, I went to Kingcatston NY, which looked very nice, but I barely stayed a year there before I traveled again to Mew Pawltz NY, and I think I'm tired after that, so I ate some meat.
Poco Is Lost! (An important episode of Poco's life!)

I went into the little bathroom one day to take a nap and found that the little closet was open, so I went into the closet. Soon after, someone shut me up in the closet and I couldn't get out! Oh no! So I decided to settle down and rest. I heard crying. It was my mommy! I was sad with her. Then, someone opened the door and I went out!
The Move

I had been noticing that mommy was starting to pack boxes, (The ones I sit in,) and I also noticed that they didn't feed me as much good food. Then one day, a bunch of humans wearing grey T-shirts came into the house. I was locked in my cage, and after a while of being in it, I was carried out of the house and into the car. I was taken to a small house where mommy's friend lived, and I wanted to know what this house was. I tried to ask, but mommy doesn't understand Meowmew. Then, after that, I was taken away and into a newer house with nobody there. It was so bare, I could have packed it so full it wouldn't be full. Then, the guys came again and I was stuck in the bathroom with Mr. Puss. When I came out, the room had changed! Everything was right in front of me! A miracle!